Maintenance Request

Maintenance requests are received during business hours.

If you have an EMERGENCY such as a large, continuous leak, flood, fire, no heat during winter, etc and it is after hours please call our emergency number: 208-403-5950


**Before submitting a request**

Refer to the links and information below for tutorials on common issues.

If you are still unable to resolve it, please submit a request. 


I smell natural gas!

Please call Intermountain Gas immediately: 1-800-548-3679

My toilet is clogged/overflowing

Watch this video for instructions to unclog you toilet. If it is overflowing, please turn the water off right away (here's how). 

Do NOT flush anything besides toilet paper (such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, “flushable” wipes, etc) down the toilet.

My garbage disposal isn't working

Watch this video to learn how to unclog or reset your disposal. 

I have mold and mildew growing on my wall/windowsill/etc

As explained in the lease, it is the tenant's responsibility to clean and monitor any mold in the unit.

Mold likes warm, damp places, so to prevent mold make sure each room, especially bathrooms and the kitchen, are well-ventilated. Keep furniture a few inches away from the wall to help prevent mold from growing in bedrooms and the living room. 

If you see that mold is starting to grow wipe the affected area with cleaner (baking soda and vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, bleach water, other cleaners, etc). 

How do I stop pests from coming in to my rental?

The first step is to keep your home clean – make sure there are no crumbs or food build-up on the counters or floor, no standing water in the kitchen or bathroom, and that there is no clutter. You'll also want to store all food in air-tight containers and empty your trash as soon as it is full or begins to stink. 

If you notice pests beginning to enter your home put out some traps or buy a spray from a local store and use it (around baseboards, windows, and the foundation), before it becomes a bigger issue. 

Please refer to the pest information sites below.

As stated in the lease tenants are responsible for pest control services. In the case of an infestation you should contact us so that we can assess the situation.

Pest World

Orkin Pest Library

Rocky Mountain Bed Bug

How to reset a breaker

Watch this video to see how to reset a breaker. If you are still having electrical issues after resetting your breaker please submit the form below. 

My outlets aren't working anymore

Watch this video to reset a GFCI outlet, or the above video to reset the breaker. If there are still electrical issues fill out the form below. 

My smoke detector won't stop beeping

Watch this video

My furnace is having issues

As outlined in your lease, the tenant is responsible for replacing the furnace filter once a month. Try replacing the filter first. If the issue persists then contact us. 

My fridge is too hot/cold

In every fridge there is a thermometer to adjust the temperature inside the unit. For most fridges the highest number is the coldest. Try adjusting this, and if the issue persists then contact us. 


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