Move Out Information

When you are ready to move your first step will be to give us a written 30-Day notice. You can fill out the form below, fill out a form at our office, or bring in a letter. 

Please note: you are financially responsible for the full 30 days after we have received the notice, even if you are out of the unit before the end of those 30 days. 

Tenant Name *
Tenant Name
Tenant Name
Tenant Name
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Property Address *
Property Address
I/We the Resident(s) of the above location hereby give you this NOTICE that I/We intend to vacate the property on *
I/We the Resident(s) of the above location hereby give you this NOTICE that I/We intend to vacate the property on
My/Our Forwarding Address will be *
My/Our Forwarding Address will be

Cleaning Checklist

Please be aware that we do send in professional cleaners after every move-out. This cleaning bill is removed from your deposit, as explained in your lease. The deeper you clean before move out the less the charge.

When something is clean it means there is no dust, hair, bugs, markings, crumbs, stuck-on food, etc on any given surface. Please be aware of areas you may not normally clean, for example: windowsill tracks, drawer tracks, the cupboard under the sink, the front and edges of cabinets, etc....   

  • Clean the walls, floors, doors, and baseboards

  • Clean the refrigerator, inside and outside (LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN). Pull it out and clean underneath. Clean fridge seal.

  • Clean the stove range, inside and out. Replace the drip pans.

  • Clean all cabinets, inside and out. Clean the countertops.

  • Remove and dispose of any liners that you put in drawers/cabinets/etc.

  • Vacuum and/or sweep all floors.

  • Clean all vents/ceiling fans.

  • Clean the inside of all windows, including the tracks. Leave windows closed and locked.

  • Clean all light fixtures and make sure all bulbs work.

  • Test all smoke alarms, change battery if needed.

  • Clean the inside and outside of toilet(s).

  • Clean bathtub/shower and walls in bathroom.

  • Clean sink, medicine cabinet, and mirror in bathroom.

  • Clean bathroom and kitchen thoroughly.

As applicable:

  • Clean the dishwasher, paying attention to area around the door.

  • Clean the inside and outside of microwave.

  • Clean out garage, sweep if needed.


Please Remember…

  • …We will take care of carpet cleaning, but you need to vacuum the carpet. Do NOT shampoo the carpet yourself.

  • …You must remove ALL personal items from inside and outside the unit; this includes trash and debris (if any item remains YOU WILL BE CHARGED for removal or storage of said item).

  • …Please bring all keys to the office on or before final day. You can also leave the keys on the kitchen counter—lock the doors and give us a call.

  • …You must contact the utilities company and arrange your name to be removed from the property.

  • ...We do not schedule a final walk-through with tenants upon move-out.

  • ...Your deposit, minus any expenses, will be returned to you within 30 days as long as we have your forwarding address!